Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Interior Design with Gwendoline Arterton

We welcomed Gwendoline Arterton back to the studio for her first feature in 2013. Gwen was in to tell us about the latest colour trends. Last years colour schemes were orientated round a vibrant upbeat orange. This years colour is emerald green, which is more organic and gives an comforting ambiance that gives the impression of mental and economic well being.

Colours that work well with emerald green are dove grey and creamy beige. Other fantastic choices that would compliment emerald green included white (for a more modern look) or red (for energy). If you do choose to  emerald green and the darker colours, Gwen advised to maybe to use the colours in small amounts unless a your room has a lot of natural light.  

Emerald green looks very classy if you have more traditional furniture and art work. It's always popular to keep your room open and spacious and add detail with your darker colours. If you arrange you room in such a manner making your artwork a focal is great way to give focus to the room.  Floral designs and art work are currently very popular and come with a number of options. (Ditsy, bold and muted print.) You could also look for a vase or fabric for inspiration for print.

At this point Gwendoline got a bit technological and trekkie and told us about the future of interior designs with computer generated fabric. In future we will be able to scan and place our own pictures on fabric roller blinds and wall paper. This is currently a bit pricey for some but will be more accessible as time goes by. We look forward to the future of interior design and of course our next visit from Gwendoline Arterton. 

For more information you can go to her website by clicking on the following link

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