Friday, 25 January 2013

Zöld Lencse – Green Lenses: Photographic Exhibition

Trestle Arts base is a mask and physical theatre company based in St Albans that aim to inspire young people to use their creativity to live better lives they've also been around for 25 years so we thought it was time we got to know them!

I decided to pop in and take a look around the Zöld Lencse exhibition. Trestle teamed up with The St Albans Arts Development Team to put on an photography exhibition which involves both young people from the St Albans district and Nyiregyhaza (one of our twin towns in Hungary. Yes it is VERY hard to say). The photographs are of a green and environmental theme taken during outings to Heartwood forest with professional photographer Pete Stevens, they're Hung in the gallery caffe which is perfect if you want to have a drink while taking a look around, or if you are simply waiting to pick someone up.

 I personally loved how the photos from the St Albans districts are mixed with the Photos from Hungary because in some cases it shows clear similarity between the twin towns. I was also lucky enough to speak to Grae Wall from the St Albans Arts Development Team who told me the pictures are hung in order to represent a journey, starting with the team relaxing on a log in the woods and ending with a single figure walking into the distance.

If you don't fancy the exhibition then it's definitely worth having a look around the building and a drink at the caffe. Trestle has a lovely buzzing atmosphere that shouldn't go a miss.

Coming up at Trestle is Aesop's Fables on sunday 3rd March.
For any more information head to... and for the St Albans Arts Development Team ...


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