Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Terry Jones distinguishes Renga from Jenga..

Terry Jones, from the Ver Poets, a St Albans based poetry group, talked to us today about the groups forthcoming Renga Evening.

Renga is a form of collaborative poetry, where people are encouraged to write a few lines (like a haiku) of a poem, then pass them onto another person to respond to. The aim is to create an interesting and unique poem between two or more people.

If it's new to you, don't fear as it's new to the Ver poets too. It's all about enjoying yourself and building the confidence to have fun with words!

The event will be held at St Michaels Parish Centre between eight and ten pm this Friday (18th January) and is £4 for non members.

You can find out more about the Ver poets and their future events here and other events like this that might interest you at our community noticeboard.

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