Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Science feature with Sam Rolfe

Sam Rolfe visited us in the studio today to discuss Christmas from a scientist's point of you. From making your own snow to following Father Christmas across the sky, here's watch she covered...

Father Christmas
You can track Father Christmas’ progress on his gift giving route on Christmas eve here.

In order to deliver presents to every child, naughty or nice, Santa has to work at astonishing speed and eat an extraordinary amount of mince pies! If you want to look at more of Santa's fascinating feats, click here.

Make real snow
If you are desperate for a white Christmas then you won't be pleased with the weather forecast for St. Albans, which is fairly mild with possible rain. But never fear, Sam has told us how to make snow, be sure to check the online tool to find out whether you have the weather for doing it.

What was the Bethlehem star?
The three wise men were guided to the birthplace of Jesus by a bright star.  It is possible to try and explain this event through our knowledge of the night sky now and from historical records, have a look here or here.

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures
The annual lectures focus on “The Modern Alchemist” this year.  They broadcast on 26th, 27th and 28th at 8pm on BBC 4, starting with “Air: The Elixir of Life”, for more info check The Royal Institution of Great Britian.

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