Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Today's guest was Jonathan Pinnock, local author

Today's guest was Jonathan Pinnock, a local author that got a book deal two years ago - a former blog which was turned into a book called 'Mrs Darcy vs The Aliens' .  The book was best described as an unofficial follow-up to Pride and Prejudice.  This lead to a deal to publish his current book - a collection of previously published short stories called 'Dot Dash'.  The stories within are a mixture of dark or humorous tales, which won the Scott prize.  You can obtain this from your usual bookstores, Amazon will be also be stocking Dot Dash this week.

Jonathan is currently weighing up projects to work on.  In his experience, many stories end up abandoned if he feels they are not strong enough to continue.  He started off writing around 2005 when he rejoined Veralum Writers' Circle which gave him impetus to get published, by way of entering competitions and reacting from feedback from fellow writers.  For any prospective writers, Jonathan recommends starting small with shorts stories, taking them to local or online groups that will give you pointers.  Some competitions give you themes to write to which might inspire you if you're not sure where to start.

For further details on Jonathan's work, please view his personal website at:

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