Thursday, 22 November 2012

Today's guest: Roly Everall from St Albans Rugby Club

Today's phone guest was Roly Everall from St Albans Rugby Club.  Roly has been playing and involved in the game since the age of 12 and has coached women and girls in his time, here and in France.  His current project is 'Rugby Minis' which is a series of games for children of both sexes between the ages of 5-11.

At the moment Roly has about a dozen youngsters playing for his team, who were entertained by Hemel Hempstead last weekend.  Much of the teaching involves a non-contact version of the game, so parents can be assured that safety is always paramount.  It also costs relatively little in terms of kit - all Roly recommends is tracksuit bottoms, regular football boots, a water bottle and perhaps a woolly hat as we head further into Winter!

They meet up on Sundays at the site in Oaklands Lane, off Hatfield Rd in Smallford, from 10-11.30am
To register your interest go to

or email Roly at

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