Thursday, 15 November 2012

Today we had Luke Massey, Local Wildlife Photographer

Luke Massey was our guest today, a local photographer and cameraman.  Luke was always interested in wildlife from early age, starting with a canon 350d.  Luke got started after contacting the warden from the Wildlife Trust where be began taking pictures.  This turned into a profession when he started doing wildlife photos for reknowned photographer Charlie Hamilton James for two weeks, leading to a recommendation to do BBC's Springwatch initially to film moles.  This was filmed for Springwatch in Wales, working with Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham.

This BBC project lead to 2020Vision, a national scheme with wildlife photographers.  Luke was given mentor Mark Hamblin and filming took places in the Cairngorns up in the Scottish Highlands, attempting to capture rare grouse species the Capercaillie.  More recent was a trip to Estonia photographing eagles.  Luke in insistent on an ethical approach to his work and does his best not to disturb animals but wait for opportunities to present themselves.  Current work involves a 4-part series called 'BBC Seasons', filming squirrels.  Luke has also used timelapse photography to film harvests in the autumn with the help and encouragement of local farmers.  He would very much like to photograph an Iberian Lynx from the south of Spain.

A 2013 Calendar of Luke's work is available, priced £10 from his website which is:

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