Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Science with Sam - Life On Mars & Fresh Air For Fuel!

This month we were talking all about....

The 2 part Mission to Mars called "ExoMars" taking place in 2016 and 2018.
This exciting event will be helping man kind find out if there really is LIFE ON MARS!!!

Also we had a look into how air could potentially be turned into petrol. A company called "Air Fuel Synthesis" are trying to achieve the transformation from air to petrol as both products are made from the same elements.

Website of the month:
News, information, interviews and podcasts about all areas of science, including archaeology, astronomy, engineering, oceans as well as “Ask The Naked Scientists” and special editions.

What to see in the night sky:

- Full Moon on 28th Nov and 28th Dec.

- New Moon 13th Nov

- Venus is bright in the eastern skies in the mornings.  Before sunrise in the first week of  December Saturn, Venus and Mercury will be lined up in the morning skies, with the crescent Moon on 9th December.

For more information on science you can visit our science correspondent, Samantha Rolfe's blog: 

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