Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lifestyle Feature with Lisa Pearson

  The Coca Cola, John Lewis and Argos advertising campaigns are now in full swing on your television sets, their steely corporate fingers attempting to hug at your heart strings and assure you that if you buy these products for your loved ones for Christmas only then will they fully be able to comprehend your affection for them.

  Lisa was in the studio on Monday giving us some useful tips on what might be a more practical way to approach Christmas.

  One of her suggestions included buying a family present.  It could be something a bit more expensive and would be appreciated by all members of the family.

  Another point she made is that we shouldn't  feel guilty if you can't afford to buy your children or family members exactly what they want or first hand. By searching online you can find second hand gifts in great condition or easy alternatives. It's also okay choose presents that will be more long lasting and practical and will help the children use their imagination!

  Also think of a present that you can build on over time, for example a train set that you can add to every year. Christmas is an important time for a little ones but it's the basic, well thought of gifts that are well received and cherished.

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Written by Gregg Jackson.

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