Thursday, 29 November 2012

Interior Designer Gwendoline Alderton on Christmas!!

Christmas is now less than a month away so our first tip is be prepared!  Gwendoline has identified 3 trends for Christmas decorations - Traditional, Home-spun and White.

If we look first at a traditional Xmas the colours normally associated are red and green.  These are homely and warm colours.  Add fairly lights first, making sure to weigh the base down, particularly with a larger or real tree.  If it is a real one be sure to water it frequently.  As obvious as it seems, add your lights first before the baubles so you can make adjustments with the tree branches.  You could also add a traditional tartan or checked tablecloth and it might be time to dig out those Madhatter lampshades again (these seem to be a favourite of Gwen's but perhaps this is a better time of year to blend them in...)

Another trend is for a white Xmas - it may be the only way to recreate a snowy scene this year although we'll keep you up to date with our ever-reliable forecasts... Strip out all colour as this is all about texture.  If you're going for a white tree to accompany your decor, then add silver or gold, or even some black.  Gwen's suggestion is to add fluff, feather boas and candles to your design.

Lastly there is a trend for a homespun Xmas, making things such as paper chains, angels, baubles and other decorations for the tree.  Get the kids involved, baking cakes and enjoying as much family time in the run up to the day.  A bit of festive music on the background can create a fun atmosphere where a little mess won't matter. Your colour scheme can be any - try a white tablecloth adorned with sugary colours and glitter.  If time is short, look for homemade stuff in the shops.  You may recall us featuring the shop 'Raindrops on Roses' a few weeks back, why not drop by there for some inspiration?

For more ideas, check Gwen's website which is

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