Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Today featured Gwendoline Alderton - Interior Designer

Last month, we talked about designing your home to suit your needs, this month we talk about how to design your house in order to sell it.  Methods of selling your home have changed in recent years and many buyers will trawl through the internet first - which may save you time showing only to serious buyers.  You will of course need pictures to suit and compliment your home fully, so take a photo in each corner on the room.  Make sure furniture looks comfortable and inviting and appropriate for the room.  As obvious as it sounds, make sure there is a bed in the bedroom for example.  If you don't have one for whatever reason, it may be worth borrowing one from a neighbour or through a second hand source such as freecycle.com

  Add value in any way you can, but not too much individuality (moose heads are not appropriate in this case!).  Also have a think about the types of people whom may visit; if older people are likely to be your main source of interest go for paler colours, make your home look soft and cosy with texture.  Families may want to see storage, kids play rooms, possibly two living rooms.  In general play safe with colours - subtle tones such as greens, beiges and browns.   Black paint for example will strip a lot of colour from the room - create a 'warm' environment.  Your house needs to look as spacious and airy as possible.   Don't clutter with oversized furniture - again borrow if necessary and put larger sofa into the garage for now.

Lastly, ensure that you show buyers that you love your home.  Complete those unfinished jobs in the garden, clean the shower and give a good impression of being a little houseproud.

For more tips, visit Gwendoline's website at www.gainteriors.co.uk

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