Friday, 26 October 2012

Jake Bugg's 'Jake Bugg'

So the sulky, Nottingham soloist rocker made it to number one this Sunday (21st october 2012) in the album chart. Not easy in a day of the disco disco, trancey dubstep world that we seem to be living in. As I speak, the X Factor weekend was themed on club classics and the top 100 DJ list came out via DJ mag. LUCKILY this Monday has seen a slight change in Radio 1's distinctly varied but perhaps favoured dance preferences move over to shed light on the rock scene as it begins its 'Radio 1 Rocks'.

 Although perhaps not as hard core as Wolfmother, The Blackout and Linkin Park which are currently being featured by Radio One. Jake Bugg certainly has a traditional (i.e., Beatles, with a bit of Dylan ('Note to Self') influence or even a tease of Arctic Monkeys) rock sound. With raw vocals, an excellent use of effects that highlight his genre and by no means overshadows the purest element of the genre and good rock music. Especially in tracks 'Simple as This' and 'Trouble Town' the effects truly pusha nd pull Bugg's musical creation in the right direction.

 Ok so a few of the tracks have similar sounds... However, I was pleasantly surprised at the overall content of the album. The slower tracks 'Seen It All', 'Simple As This', 'Country Song', 'Broken' really shine. Whereas the faster paced, hyped tracks debut single - 'Lightening Bolt', 'Two Fingers', 'Taste It' and 'Trouble Town' serve well as anthemic tunes. The hard edge to his voice only adds grit to each and everyone of the tracks.

'Two Fingers' could easily pass as an early Beatles track, with jingly jangly guitar, an ascending bass in the bridge and sing along chorus. Similarly, the length of most tracks average just 3 minutes (or the majority less) which brings songwriting back to its traditional root. Less self indulgent riffs, progression or vocal gymnastics. Its to the point and crude. I like it.

 A brilliant, young talent who exceeds himself live.

Fave tracks: Lightening Bolt, Broken Note to Self and Trouble Town.

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