Monday, 8 October 2012

Chris' Film Club: Galaxy Quest

Today is Sigourney Weaver's birthday and we celebrate that with a look at one of our favourites here at Radio Veralum: the fantastic GALAXY QUEST.  The 'Aliens' actress sends up her Sci-Fi roots by playing a principal member of a short-lived and long-forgotten (apart from by its' hardcore fanbase) show in the genre of Star Trek and many lesser shows.  The former stars, led by Home Improvement's and The Santa Clause's Tim Allen and joined by amongst others Alan Rickman (of Die Hard/Harry Potter fame) eke out an existence by doing the convention circuit - the dizziest heights of fame they can achieve until they are called upon by intergalactic forces to protect their homeland.  Trouble is, these aliens believe the transmissions of their show are historical documentaries and the fading stars are real life heroes, able to save their species!  Galaxy Quest also stars Sam Rockwell as a bit-part player determined to make his mark in real life in a great comedy suitable for all.  Never give up!  Never surrender!

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  1. My favourite all time comedy...laugh every time even though the DVD is worn out from playing it. never give up, never surrender