Friday, 14 September 2012

Val Langford from Abbeyfield

Tonight we were joined in the studio by Val Langford from the charity Abbeyfield that helps support older members of society.

Val spoke about the events that are taking place across the county during 'Remember a Charity' week. This involves 140 UK-wide charities and it highlights the importance of gifts-in-wills. Many people aren't aware that they can donate to charities in their will and Remember a Charity will try and correct that.

On Wednesday 19th September, Abbeyfield are having a stall on St Albans market and handing out charity tea bags so people can go home, have a tea and think about charity. There will be 6 charities taking part and will have a lot of information on all the good work they do.

Abbeyfield is a charity that provides housing, support and care for people at different stages of later life and helps them to try and live full, active and happy lives.

For more information on Remember a Charity you can visit their website here and you can find Abbeyfield's website here.

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