Thursday, 20 September 2012

Travel Feature With Andy Jarosz

We were delighted to have our travel correspondent Andy Jarosz back in the studio today. Todays topic was hotels and how our temporary lodgings can make or break our holiday experience. We never seem to remember where we stay in amazing detail unless our rooms are amazingly well maintained or incredibly bad.

Before you book your holiday Andy told us that it's best to look up reviews of your prospective hotels. Online, people are only keen to write if they have been had exceptionally positive or negative experience.

We then asked listeners to send us in their thoughts of what makes a good hotel experience on twitter and our facebook page.  Some of our responses were:

"Comfortable beds, there's nothing worse then having a pillows that are no better then folded t shirts".

" No tattling on prices on WIFI".

"Good service and nice food."

It seems most of us don't mind shelling out a bit on cash on our holidays as long as the smiles are genuine and we aren't bled drying for a number of sneaky charges and taxes that weren't on the advertised priced.

Have you had any interesting hotel experiences? Why not share them on our blog?

If you wish to read more from Andy Jarosz go to his website:

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