Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Paul Carrack's 'Good Feeling' album

Here we have a soulful and relaxing album which contains a good number of catchy and uplifting tunes ('Good Feeling','Marmalade Moon', 'Nothing Without You' and 'Time to Move On') balanced nicely with matured /slow sauntering tempo-ed tracks ('Long Ago', 'Make It Right', 'From Now On'). Rock at its very most mature. With Carrack's soft vocals ('Make it Right' and 'If I Should Fall Behind') and tuneful melodies as well as fantastic instrumentation and offering of a variety of paced tunes the album contains some shining tracks.

With 'Good Feeling' as a finger-clicking-good opening rock track to the album the positive vibes continue with jazz influenced 'I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love' which is also very singalong-able. Furthermore, 'Marmalade Moon' has some awesome instrumental builds and fills. With saloon styled piano and a sax line which punches catchy melodies this track will make you want to hum, sing and play some kind of imaginary instrument, be it air drums or air sax.

'Nothing Without You' provides the soulful and smooth love tune of the album. With wa-wa guitar fills, seductive brushes on the drums and bluesy melodies, its a sure tune to coo to your partner. Similarly, 'If I Should Fall Behind' provides a reliable and sturdy romantic tune.

Harmonies of 'Make it right' offer something slightly more interesting to listen to. With compelling musical shifts and written in a darker key than than the rest of the album it stands out somewhat as a track of intriguing messages.

 Overall, the album offers well constructed tunes, is well structured and showcases aged rock at its best.

Fave tracks; 'Good Feeling', 'Marmaade Moon' and 'Make it Right'.

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