Monday, 10 September 2012

Cititzens Advice Bureau Feature with Elizabeth Crampton

   Elizabeth was back giving some more excellent information on how to keep the wolf from the door. Winter is coming and we will soon see our energy bills rise. It's vital in the coming months to regulate the temperature of your house. However for those who are on benefits or pensions it's hard to keep up with the energy bills.
  •  It's important NOT to ignore the problem and face it head on.
  • Contact your supplier, your the customer and they should be able to get you onto a payment scheme where you can divide the payments.
  • See if your applicable for any benefits that can help with bills and insulations. The latter is a sure fire way to keep the heat from escaping.
Elizabeth also talked to us about door to door salesmen. Again the elderly can become easy prey for their smooth talking and hard sales techniques. Be wary of comments such as " I can't leave today without a sale" or "This offer is on for today only"

Remember don't sign on the spot! If in doubt ask a friend or family member for advice. Or look up their company or for deals by other companies or sellers. The internet is an excellent and effeciant source of information for this kind of research.

  Finally she talked to us about dentists. Visiting is usually a painful affair anyways, but usually the cost can also leave patients a bit sore. Some dentists tell us that certain services aren't available on the NHS so we are coaxed into paying private service prices. Don't forget you are the customer, so you have the right to question, complain and change your dentist. If you would like information on what services are available on the NHS or where you local NHS Dentist is go to
If you would like more information or to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau go to:

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