Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Brilliant Things' - Stronger than Romeo review

The Irish/British duo release their fourth studio album to date. This album showcases the couple's strongest songwriting skills and what the pair do best - Idyllic pop.

A dose of good, clean-cut song writing with catchy riffs such as in 'Dance'/'Alone' and 'I Feel Alive' reflect the vocalist's rounded and crisp vocals perfectly. I would have liked to have heard perhaps more challenging vocals, however the easy-to-join-in- vocals and singable melodies ('I feel Alive') create a fail safe album to play to the 'rents.

I'd point this album out to  Radio Two listeners who are looking for something a bit more upbeat and more rhythm than the average David Gray or Shania Twain.  A definite love and feel for the Corrs (Greg French previously worked with the band) can be heard tied into the love of soft electronic guitar mixed with strings (The Fall) .

'Feels Like Summer', although perhaps predictable in parts is a fast paced and well built track that's up-beat and harmless. 'I Feel Alive' is similar to a pop-ier Shania Twain mixed with Corrs track. Energetic strings and polite chords create and feel good track.

The predictability of the entire album is an element which  poses the question whether predictability is good or not in a pop track? Yes, many songs follow similar chords progressions, common structures and faces limitations in vocal ranges.... In the case of this album however, I cant find a track that challenges my listening. Neither however does most Cher, ABBA or Motown tacks... So who says predictability is a weakness?

Tracks to pay particular attention include 'Dance', 'Feels Like Summer' and 'Pointless'.

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