Thursday, 19 July 2012

Interior Design Feature with Gwendoline Alderton

This month's interior design feature is focused on interior design for males of all ages, taking a look into the rooms of different aged males. Starting with young boys, moving along to teenagers and ending with the older man.

When decorating young boys' bedrooms one must take into consideration their likes and hobbies.  If there is a certain football team that he supports use this to create the perfect room. Use the colours of the team to paint the room bearing  in mind to keep it tasteful, use the teams logo for themed bedding or accessories.

Teenage bedrooms are usually very messy so its important to have a lot of storage space with a clean desk, as a working enviroment is funamental in the development of a teenager.  Clean lines and dark colours help with the changes he may be going through.

The Older man doesnt really have a bedroom to themselves as they may be sharing with their wife. It is important for them to find a haven that is their's, whether it be the shed or basement.  The colours should be  balanced and adjusted to suit the individual. The main piece of funiture is the chair or sofa; this is hugly important as this is the heart of the room.  Flooring and lighting are also key features as this will set the mood for the retreat.

For more information about interior design, why not check out Gwendoline's Pinterest board

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