Monday, 23 July 2012

Ian Rogers Talks About St Albans City FC

This evening Danny spoke to Ian about our local football side St Albans City FC. He started by reviewing the previous season and how they could have qualified for the play-offs if the team had the form they did in the latter half of the season in the early season.

The hope for this season is that the pre-season games, positive results or not will kick start the squad so they are on form for the season. The view on last Saturday's 10-2 loss against League 2 Barnet was an acceptance that a proffesional side would perform in that manner but Ian reckons not only is it good to get out and support your local side as well as the opportunity is to see new talent upcoming in other teams, particularly referring to their pre-season draw against Chelsea.

The club already has loyal fans worldwide but Danny asked Ian what St Albans City was looking for and forwards to. Admittedly the local club has limits to the following, being a semi proffesional side but the benefits are it's cheaper to watch, you can change ends at half time, the club is looking strong this season, their are none of the pathetic rivalries found in proffesional football in it's grass-root form and Danny is the new PA announcer!!! 

If you feel you would like to suuport your local team as a member of the community details of all the upcoming pre-season matches visit are on our website: or on the football clubs website

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