Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Herts Wildlife Trust feature with Sarah Buckingham - Open Garden event this weekend, swift nest boxes and Wild in the City members day!

Today we were delighted to have Sarah Buckingham from the Herts Wildlife Trust on the show telling us about some of the exciting events the Trust is involved in. This weekend, the Trust is organising an Open Garden event, with three gardens in the area open to the public: Grebe House Wildlife Garden (St Albans) and Coldharbour Lane Allotments (Harpenden) on Saturday 14th, and 34 The Broadway (Wheathampstead) on Sunday 15th. The event will showcase what we can do for wildlife in our own gardens, and members of the Trust will be able to answer questions. For full details see here.

We also heard about a scheme running in Stevenage to encourage swifts - tenants can opt to have a swift nest box installed in their roof as part of routine roof work. The population of swifts has dropped by 40% in the last 15 years, as breeding sites have been lost, so this project is trying to increase the breeding sites available to swifts.

Sarah also told us about the 2012 Members Day, Wild in the City, which will take place on Saturday 27th October, in Cassiobury Park Local Nature Reserve. As well as guided walks, games and activities, the 'Urban Birder' David Lindo will also give a talk. David has worked on television programmes such as Springwatch and The One Show, and believes that you don't need to go out into the countryside to appreciate nature: the wildlife in our cities can be just as fascination.

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(Photo by Richard Lowkes )

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