Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hemel Hempstead author John Conway talks about his new novel, Suburbia

Local author John Conway joined us on Drivetime to talk about his latest book, Suburbia, a science-fiction novel set in Hemel Hempstead. The novel has a contemporary feel far removed from some of the more 'space-y' sci-fi, as a group of friends from the area discover there are dark secrets hiding under the surface of suburbia... John's inspiration for this novel came from the idea of creating a British 'Twin Peaks', the '90s American TV series following a murder investigation, and in this vein the novel chronicles the reaction to a murder as it gradually becomes clear there is more going on than meets the eye, with sinister forces at work.

Although this is John's first science fiction book, he has three previous novels published: Obsession, Voyeur and Icons, which satirise the media and celebrity culture. He is also working on two more projects, as well as running his own business: he is working on his next solo project, and a joint project called 'Large Mediums', a comedy about a lady who begins receiving texts from the dead.

Speaking about his writing routine, John revealed that he is fuelled by caffeine, and tends to write for a couple of hours in the afternoon, dividing his time between this and his small business. In working with his writing partner for 'Large Mediums', the pair met weekly over beer to come up with a detailed outline, which they fleshed out separately.

Suburbia is available from Amazon, in paperback and Kindle editions, and is released in Waterstones tomorrow. More details on John Conway and all his work can be found on his website, thewrongtree.com

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