Thursday, 19 July 2012

Elton John Vs Pnau 'Good Morning To The Night'

So Sir john is back, and not just back with a nifty hair cut, outrages outfits or turning all exhibitionist on us (Madonna, take note).

But he's returned with a new attitude and musical responsibility to endeavour and better his previous material. Sticking to his roots and retaining elements of traditional Elton, the veteran of disco has collaborated with producers Pnau (AKA Empire of the Sun) to create a project worthy of recognition from the likes of Zane Lowe amongst others.

The main vibe for the record is a well produced dance album with funkadelic bass, typical Elton melody lines and plentiful of spacey effects. The songwriting and development of tracks ('Sad' and 'Black Icy Stare') are of course, perfect.

 Smashing the opening track and latest Single, 'Good Morning to the Night' with a distinctive guitar loop, build in layers and bouncy bass line, this track is sure to be used in the clubs and on Radio 2 alike. I have no doubt that every person you ask whether they like this track will agree and then continue to gasp when you announce to them in proud knowledge that it's Elton John's. Savour the moment and feel smug.

With different tracks offering alternative takes to genre, the production of vocals and showcasing Elton John's songwriting talents the album does a very good job of providing canape sized examples of the trio's work. With 'Black Icy Stare' conveying elements of reggae and seamless mixing as well as staying in your head for hours. 'Foreign Fields' offers a bit more of a disco pop vibe. Indulgent 'Telegraph to the Afterife' presents an indulgent and spaced, soothing track. The finale, 'Sixty' is something altogether off this planet and a brilliant piece of music.

I'm glad the three haven't over indulged in their excellence. An eight track record is a good, short and sweet approach to a very fine album.

Fave tracks; 'Sixty', 'Morning to The Night', 'Phoenix' and 'Back Icy Stare'.

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