Thursday, 26 July 2012

Chuck Out the Chuggers debate

Today we were joined in the studio by The Herts Ad editor Matt Adams to discuss the problem of 'chuggers' or 'charity-muggers'. West Herts Drive Time and The Herts Ad have joined forces to stamp out the practice of 'chugging' and its increasingly hostile tactics. Whilst the companies that run these 'chuggers' do have their own regulations to govern how their employees approach potential

We were also joined on the show by Karl Wilding, Head of Policy and Research at the NCVO (National Council of Voluntary Organisations) who helped to provide an alternative side to the story. Whilst Karl agreed that more regulation is needed, he did argue that the practice of 'face-to-face fundraising' generates a huge amount of money, especially considering the amount that is spent on hiring the 'chuggers' (it earns £130 million out of a total of £11 billion that is donated to charity every year). Karl suggests that should you feel harassed or hassled by 'chuggers' then you should certainly complain to the Fundraising Standards Board.

This certainly is an interesting story that you'll be able to follow both in The Herts Ad and on West Herts Drive Time in the coming weeks.

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