Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Travel Feature with Andy Jarosz

The Summer Holidays are leering closer ... though you wouldn't have guessed it with the current weather! Today Andy Jarosz gave us some food for thought regarding alternative holiday trips and packages. I don't know how many of you devoted listeners and readers are particularly fond of flying but I for one am not! So Andy's suggestion was why not have travel by train?

Travelling via train may not be the the speediest transport, however it has many positives. It is considerably less harmful to the environment then air travel as well a higher level of comfort and freedom for the passengers to move about. If you travel overnight or plan a long journey you will be able to sleep on the pull out bunk beds available in the carriages.  Also if you book well in advance the price will be considerably lower then if you were to book nearer the date. Another way to help out with the price of longer journeys investing in a rail card.

A good place to the start would be to check out other countries national rail sites. For a look at European rails  you could try the following  link.
Any also mentioned that if you do travel in the day time you will be able to take in the sites as your shoot by. What better way to admire the Canadian Rockies of Toronto and Vancouver whilst sitting comfortably and sipping a refreshing beverage?

He went on to say that tourists will to spend more money may consider some of the worlds finest trains. For example The Orient Express or the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express.

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