Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Interior Design Feature with Gwendoline Alderton

This months interior design feature focused on interior design for the men. After a long day at work the average male trudges home and seeks a place of solitude. Sometimes the best way to cater for this need is to have a room dedicated to relaxing. But how would you go about creating and decorating this haven? Gwendoline told us how.

First think about colours. Us men like solid colours, dark blue, black and white are usually winners.  You prevent these colours from being dirgy by adding opulent gold or yellow and maybe acid green or turquoise. Purple can also be a good colour as it can give the impression of confidence and virility.

So once you've decorated your den what next? You need your gadgets! So think about the layout and kit out your room with equipment that will make your life easier. If your an audiophile like myself or a football fan think how best to set up your entertainment system so you get the best experience. Think about beverages and storage of snacks. Of course now you may want to consider a hard wooden floor which will make cleaning easier.

If your a fan of artwork it may be an idea to decorate with some of the classic posters, from Scarface to Roy Lichtenstein. This is your 21st Cave. You are it's dweller. You are in control!

For more information and advice check out the following link:  www.ga-interiors.co.uk

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