Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Indian Cooking Feature with Sheba Promod - Indian cooking on a budget

On this afternoon's show we were joined by new correspondent Sheba Promod.  Sheba runs Absolute Indian Cookery Classes and originates from Kerala, South India.  She specialises in authentic cuisine from this region and shared with us some of her expertise.

This month Sheba focused on cooking on a budget.  When buying ingredients for Indian dishes,get authentic brands rather than regular supermarket brands.  These are often located in a different aisle in most supermarkets but are more cost-effective.

Sheba advised us that the following are essential spices that are the core to almost all Indian dishes and should be kept in stock in our kitchens:

Black Pepper
Chilli powder
Garam Masala
Mustard Seeds


Whilst take-aways are convenient, they are not cost-effective!  With some planning, Indian dishes can be prepared in advance and stored for consumption later.  Care must be taken when storing cooked food.

Cuts of Meat

Chicken thighs are more cost effective than fillets.  Whole chickens are more effective again.  Some butchers may cut up whole chickens for you.

Beef brisket & braising steak are more cost-effective cuts of meat.  This can work especially well when using a slow cooker.

Lamb - neck of lamb is the most cost-effective cut of lamb and is especially suited to slow cookers and pressure cookers

If possible, use a butchers rather than a supermarket - chicken in supermarkets contain lots of water, which is included in the weight.

Sheba also runs supperclubs, which have been described as "Come Dine With Me - with class!".  For more information check out her website www.absoluteindiancookeryclasses.com/supperclub

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