Monday, 11 June 2012

Elizabeth Crampton from the St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau

Elizabeth Crampton from the St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau was our delightful guest this evening and discussed with us the legal cover needed for a holiday, both in individual bookings and package holidays. As well as discussing with Danny, Pension retrieval schemes how to go about retrieveing yours and avoiding the pitfalls of paying companies to do it for you as there is a possibility the retrieved money could be minimal. For information on this you can visit the Pesnion Advisory service site at or call them on 08456012923. 

Elizabeth also filled us in on the latest revealed scam regarding Pawnbrokers and interest rates. Pawnbrokers are often associated with impoverished lending 'way back when' but nowadays it is far closer to home as many are pawning their precious belongings to help with home improvements and finding it increasingly more difficult to buy back their possessions as Pawnbrokers are not restricted or governed so can set their own interest rates which may increase significantly over time. The advise given is that  if needed using a Pawnbrokers can be beneficial but only if you are aware of the risks incorporated.

For this or any other scams you can contact action fraud via the web site listed below or contact them on 0300 1232047.

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