Thursday, 31 May 2012

Zoe Jackson of Living the Dream

Last Thursday we were joined on the show by Zoe Jackson, founder of the Living the Dream Theatre Company, a group run by young people, for young people. Since Zoe was last on the show she's been very active and has even won two prestigious awards, including a Woman of the Future award! Zoe admits that the award gives her a lot to live up to but we here at Radio Verulam believe that she will do just that.

Zoe has also been fortunate enough to meet many famous people (as evidenced by the picture below; just who is that beardy bloke? Can't he afford a shave?) and spoke in depth about all of the services that Living the Dream provide, including Zoe's personal favourite: the flash mob (an example of which can be found here).

For more information on Zoe or her company then visit the website here.

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