Wednesday, 16 May 2012

WHD Special Guest - Sabrina De Souza

Today on WHD our special guest was Sabrina De Souza. A couple of months ago local girl Sabrina was on the show as she and her colleagues took part in the global campaign Live Below the Line.

It is an innovative awareness and fund raising campaign that's making a huge difference in the fight against extreme poverty. By living off just £1 per day for food for 5 days, you will be bringing to life the direct experiences of the 1.4 billion people currently living in extreme poverty and helping to make real change.

She did the challenge twice - first in March and last week but found the recent time the most difficult. She says that it redefines your relationship and the meaning of food. At the end of the five days she treated herself to fish and chips after raising money for her chosen charity! Well done Sabrina!

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