Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Monthly travel feature with Andy Jarosz

So where has Andy Jarosz been gallivanting off to now and what does he have to inspire and inform us about?

Well, his recent trip to Iceland may have tickled some of your traveling taste buds and encouraged you to check out the Scandinavian, far away land. With new flights from Luton to Reykjavik now available in an impressive time of 3 hours by Easyjet there's never been more of a reason to go. Don't be put off by thinking the northern island is cold... It's currently quite mild, with temperatures of around 8-9 degrees. Not only that, but the stunning scenery itself is well worth going for and also acts as a back drop to activities such as off road driving, hiking, water sports and coastline drives as well as the spectacular northern lights.

Andy also discussed on the show the importance of travel insurance. Some people may be under the illusion that the EHIC (successor of the E111) card would cover medical emergencies whilst away in Europe. Andy emphasised how travel insurance is actually needed in addition to the card as it'll entitle people to be seen by doctor and be attended to within Europe, but that the card will not insure you to get flights home or any complicated additions that may be a result of your accident abroad.

To ensure that you get the best deal on travel insurance don't just search by best price on comparison websites, as you often get what you pay for and the difference between paying a tenner more and being insured for some kayaking may well be worth it! Also check the insurance for items and valuables you may take with you on your trip such as electronics, jewellery and instruments or sport equipment. So check all the T&Cs before you pay for your travel insurance and perhaps consider searching by what you want from the travel company such as best "ski insurers", or "best for musical instruments" etc.

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