Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Monthly Advice Feature with Elizabeth Crampton

    It's that time of dreaded time of the year. The new financial year is upon us and it's time to get our tax details in order. It's exstremely important to actually find out if you have the right tax code. This could apply to you if you've recently changed jobs, become self employed or recently changed your marital status. It's a common occurance that people having been paying too little or too much tax due to ignorance and if you don't want a massive shock when you look at your next payslip or bank statement it's up to you to take action. So if you do feel that something isn't right with your figures, then it's best you get online or pick up the phone to the HMRC as soon as possible.

    Elizabeth also told us that there is a change to employment laws as of April. You will no longer be able to claim unfair dismissal unless you have been employed for over two years, this will not affect you however if you believe you've been discriminated against.

The best thing about getting help from the Citizens Advice Bureau is that it's a charity and therefore free! They can offer general advice and assistance on a number of subjects from Social Security Benefits, Consumer Issues and Immigration.

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