Monday, 30 April 2012

Middlesex &Herts Wildlife Trust

Sarah Buckingham from the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust was our guest on drivetime this evening, amongst the he items Sarah told us about were;

Love Meadows Appeal
Hertfordshire's wildflower meadows are under threat.

We need £11,000 for grassland management

Meadow brown butterfly

Common spotted orchid

Longhorn at Blagrove Nature Reserve

Meadow Buttercups by Zsuzsanna Bird

British meadows are looking their best at this time of year, full of wildlife and buzzing with activity. They provide a great feeding and breeding habitat for many species, and somewhere for people to escape and relax too.

These special habitats developed over time, through traditional low-input farming techniques like haymaking and grazing of livestock. They are part of our natural heritage, upon which much of our native wildlife relies.

But these beloved grassland landscapes are disappearing.

As modern farming practices developed, grassland species have struggled to cope. It is estimated that only 950 hectares of wildflower grasslands remain in Hertfordshire - with a dramatic 95% decline nationally since 1940.

We need your help to provide a future for meadowland wildlife. Through our continued conservation management work we can turn back the clock and give meadows time to flourish.
Full details can be found at the web site

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