Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Elspeth Jackman Promotes New Book

Broadcaster and writer, Elspeth Jackman came on the show today to talk about the launch of her new book 'Enjoying Later Life' which is set for release the 19th April 2012.

Elspeth described the book as an auto-biographical book which is based on her own experiences and anecdotes that have led her to write up her personal hints and tips from overcoming bad parking to dealing with being widowed. With upbeat advice and encouragement to turn to God in times of need, Elspeth provides a positive spin and how to remain being yourself in later life. This positive approach to living your later years or as Danny pointed out, the 'final third' of your life (from 60+) is an encouraging piece of literature which is aimed at the late middle aged.

In order to promote and sell her soon-to-be-international-hit Elspeth has used social networking to her advantage. She enjoys blogging at where she can 'chat away' and be simultaneously creative and disciplined. Alternatively, she's also on twitter @ElspethJackman or you can get hold of her on

If you would like to purchase Elspeth's newest creation 'Enjoying Later Life' then you can head to; or buy the book on Kindle

Her publisher's page can be found at or email her at

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