Friday, 13 April 2012

Dadda Cool's involvement with Nissan's 'The Big Turn On'

St Albans based blogger and tweeter Alex Walsh came on the show today to talk about his involvement with Nissan's most recent eco-friendly electric car, Leaf.

This project ran by Nissan acts as a competition for local bloggers who get to test drive the vehicle for a fortnight and express their thoughts and feelings about the electric car. The blogger with the most votes via a range of mediums from website hits to tweets and facebook 'likes' wins the car. If Alex is successful, an electric charge point would be brought to St Albans and undoubtedly encourage local people to invest in an electric and eco-friendly car.

Alex has praised the car for it speediness, silence and cheapness to run on a daily basis.

Alex's day to day blogging about being a Dad has proven a huge hit, so please head to to check it out. To keep down with kids, follow him on twitter or increase his chances of winning the car please go to

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