Wednesday, 28 March 2012

TV Switchover to Digital

On this fine sunny afternoon Danny interviewed helpful Liam from the digital help scheme regarding the TV switch over from analogue to digital which is fast approaching this April.

The scheme 'Digital TV' is under the management of the company Digital UK. In short, TV stations will be permanently changing over to a digital signal for two reasons. The first is that the picture on a digital signal will be clearer and stronger than the previous analogue signal. The second is to allow the viewer access to an additional forty channels via freeview.

Dates for the diary are;
4th April when BBC2 makes the first move to the digital signal.
The main move however is the 18th April when all channels move to digital.

Those who are registered disabled, blind, partially sighted, aged 75 or over as well as others are eligible for help with the Switchover Help Scheme that is under the management of the BBC. You should have already received a form. If you havent however, then please call 0800 40 85 900 for free or head to to see who else is eligable. You will be entitled to make an appointment where someone can come to your house, update the digital channel on your TV, install a freeview box and have 12 months after care all for free.

If you do not qualify for the free benefits then you can still apply for this help but will have to pay a fee of £40. Call Digital UK on 08456 50 50 50 or head to

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