Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sabrina de Souza from 'Live Below The Line'

This evening Danny spoke to Sabrina de Souza who is participating in the 'Live Below The Line' project. The project challenges people to feed themselves on just £1 a day as a way to raise awareness of what it is like to live in extreme poverty. Sabrina commented that although people are often sympathetic to the millions of people living in poverty across the globe it is difficult to really understand what the reality is like and this challenge helps people to experience some of the hardship for themselves. The £1 mentioned in the challenge is the equivalent of what many people in the developing world have to live on everyday. Anyone interested in participating can be part of the challenge between 7-11 May. People getting involved are also encouraged to fundraise for one of the six anti-poverty charities who are supporting it. Details of these charities and other information can be found at


  1. Please feel free

  2. We will sponsor you for £1 per day we being the in laws

  3. Thank you again for having me on the show and speaking to me about Live Below The Line.

    I've had so much amazing support while I did the challenge. If you want to find out more or donate please follow the link every £1 makes a difference.