Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Interior Design Feature with Gwendoline Alderton - Part 2

Gwen couldn't make it in this week in person but she gave us a bell and gave us some more friendly advice to help us make the most of our homes.

Today's feature focused primarily on the childrens bedroom, on how the change in weather and daylight hours can be disruptive for childrens sleeping pattern. Now that the clocks have gone forward, the sunlight may wake up the sprogs an hour or two earlier then you'd like on a Saturday/Sunday morning. Gwen suggested that you purchase some black out lining to stop the sunlight creeping through the curtains.

Another factor that could prevent the kids could from getting to sleep is the heat in their rooms. Don't forget that it's getting warm now and you can now put away the winter thermal duvets.

Also rearranging and catagorising your childrens room will generally help create a positive and nuturing environment that's so important in those early years.

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