Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Interior Design Feature with Gwendoline Alderton

   Today Gwendoline Alderton was back in the studio, telling us how we can revamp and refresh our homes to pull us out of those cold damp Winter months and step into Spring 2012 with a postive mind set.
   Whether your moving out or in or simply wish to change the look of your living space, Gwen's mantra was to Start Small and Be Kind to Yourself! 

  Start in a corner then work out, even if it's simply starting with organising a cupboard. Get yourself prepared, gather together your bin liners and boxes and labels. Don't procrastinate! Boxing your belongings and bagging your rubbish is one thing but leaving things around for days isn't going to help you achieve that feeling of Xen.

Once you've done a bit of hard graft, don't forget to treat yourself! Have a break with your favourite chocolate and let release those endorphins.

  Now you've gained a bit more space you can gain a bit more perspective. Have you been using your space effeciantly? You should arrange your room cleverly, so what do you use your space? Do you have children? Do you entertain a lot of guests? 

Now your on your way to rearranging your home into your perfect calm centre!

For more tips in decluttering visit Gwen's website at : www.ga-interiors.co.uk

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