Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Monthly feature with Andy Jarosz

Our monthly interview with Andy was based around where the best places to visit in 2012 are.

His top spots are;

  • Poland and Ukraine who play hosts to the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament.

  • Southampton, Liverpool and Belfast as it's been 100 years since the Titanic sailed and all these relevant cities have commemorative activities, displays and gatherings. Also, but across the pond, is Newfoundland in Canada, where the first survivors of the disaster were taken to.

  • Central USA and the Mayan region could also be a potential honey pot for tourists as the 'end of the world prophecy' or the Mayan calendar has lead to an increase of activity in this region in relation to art, souvenirs and novelty factor.

  • Finally, advised by Andy is Dubrovnik, a "beautiful walled city" which is a short swim from Greece and so not as cold sounding as one may have originally thought!

For more info, head to Andy's website: http://www.501places.com/ or follow him on twitter @501places.

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