Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Travel Feature with Andy Jarosz

So it's only 12 days 'til Christmas!!! And what a perfect Christmas treat it'd be to head off for a few nights to Europe in order to prolong the Christmas season and vibe?!

Our Travel Correspondent, Andy Jarosz updated us on his recent excursion to Bratislava and Budapest. Andy scoured the markets of Bratislava and Budapest where he thoroughly enjoyed the genuine, local and charming Christmas markets. Warm alcoholic beverages aside, the market sold a range of items and goods from local crafts to all sorts of foodstuffs. Meanwhile, the cities themselves which hosted the sites contained interesting architecture, cheap local transport, temperatures which equate those here and lovely restaurants.

So if you are considering either the culturally invigorating visit to a central European city or fancy setting further afield to watch the northern lights in the Scandinavian lands of Norway and Iceland, Andy gave us some very knowledgeable advice when it comes to traveling over the Holiday season;

  1. Be patient and considerate when it comes to weather. We never know what the weather is going to do tomorrow in West Herts, yet alone in Oslo next Sunday. So if there's the threat of bad weather then consider your options about going and whether it is even worth it, especially if it's only for a quick trip.
  2. Allow for time, time and some more time!!! Queues at the airport (COUGH-Heathrow-COUGH) and especially on the roads can be sloooooow. The 23rd December is notoriously known for being one of the busiest days to travel in the UK. So allow for plenty of time when getting from A to B.
  3. Be aware that hotels, even more so abroad, rack up their prices over the holiday season such as for new years. So be prepared to spend a bit more.
So, with flights out of Luton London Airport from £20-£30 each way to Central Europe (and for a bit more to Norway and Iceland) why not head off for a short trip? Alterntively, dont forget that St Albans has its very own traditional market on every Wedsnesday, Saturday and every day from the 18th December until the 24th.

For more information on Andy's most recent trip, then head to his website at: http://www.501places.com/

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