Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Quality time with John Stephenson

This afternoon, we were joined by John Stephenson, the host of Radio Verulam's Friday Focus. A show which covers news and current affairs.

John wanted to tell us more about the upcoming 'Your Questions' event on the 15th November whereby a panel of local professionalise who appear in the public eye are put to the test by you, the local resident. These individuals have either a direct or huge influence on the control of our local community and it is through their participation on the panel that those of you who want answers or an impact will get your views heard or answered. The panel shall consist of; Journalist Matt Adams, County Cllr Derrick Ashley, District Cllr Beric Read, Headmistress of St Albans Girls School Margret Chapman, Director of AECOM Steve Campbell and of course John Stephenson himself will be in the chair.

Questions can be anything that effects you as a member of the community from queries regarding refuse incinerators, city centre parking or any day to day issues or queries you may have. All questions are submitted in advance, so either submit online via our website or turn up to the event at 7:00pm in order to fill out a form and enjoy the bar. Forms should be submitted before 7:30pm in order for the the panelists to collect and have a brief glance over in order to provide the best possible answers that they can.

Also head to our website to reserve a seat and if you're unable to attend then tune in on Sunday the 20th November at 6:00pm to hear the event in full.

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