Wednesday, 16 November 2011

November Interview with Mark Clementson

This afternoon Danny interviewed Mark Clementson, our very own Verulam Writers Circle correspondent. Mark gave us the low down on what November is all about for those who are more creatively inclined. Apparently, November isn't all about growing facial hair for Mo-vember. O No. November is apparently a great month for those who want to write. Whether you sit down and just free write or use spider diagrams to plan out a complicated plot... Whichever way you like to write, the Verulam writer's circle is all encompassing for all approaches and abilities of writers.

Mark explained how sitting down and thinking about what you're going to write or how isnt always the best approach to writing. Sometimes you need to just "sit down and write". So there's no better time to get involved with the circle.

Why not sign up for the annual 'Get Writing' conference which is occurring on the 11th February at the University of Hertfordshire. The day will include guest speakers, lunch and workshops to improve your writing or give you the opportunity to meet some people from the industry. Just head to and hit the 'Get Writing' link on the left hand side to find out more and sign up for a day of creativity.

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