Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Monthly Travel Interview with Andy Jarosz

This afternoon we had the pleasure of Andy Jarosz' company. He shared with us his wise knowledge on all things travel and what we can expect in December.

With Christmas creeping up on us, everyone is migrating to the shops. Many UK cities set up their own European or German Markets selling trinkets, food and drink. Why not though experience the real thing and go for a city break in the run up to Christmas to buy up some more unusual and cultured gifts? Flights to Budapest, Prague and Bratislava for example are extremely cheap and readily available from many budget airlines. If you want to really step up your game, then why not head over to New York City for a cheeky Christmas Shop?

For a real Christmas fuelled trip, then head North. Lapland is an obvious choice for this time of the year. Meet Santa, ride sleighs, play in the snow and hang out with reindeer and huskies. The Northern Lights are also notably, at their most dazzling this and next year so it couldn't be a better time to go! If Lapland doesn't tickle your fancy then how does Scandinavian neighbours, Norway, Sweden or Denmark sound for a festive trip?

Alternatively, if the thought of those twinkly lights give you a bit of a headache then why not opt for a sun filled, tranquil trip to the Canary Islands? Fuerteventura and Tenerife are still currently about 20 degrees. Morocco also offers a cultural filled and relatively close-by break where you can still be guaranteed some sun.


As of April 2012 there is going to be increased tax on flights of around £5-6. So for those who have already booked flights post April, you could potentially face an additional tax.

The Border control staff at London airports are going on strike as of tomorrow (30/11/2011). This is thought to have delays amounting to 12 hours and to make most impact at Heathrow. So check with your airline before flying, check on behalf of others if you're going to pick up anyone and if you can avoid flying into the UK tomorrow, then do.

Thanks to Andy for his time and knowledge!

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