Tuesday, 8 November 2011

'Getting Involved' with Michelle Hart

Michelle joined us today in the studio to talk about her most recent project "Getting Involved", an off-shoot from the St Albans Volunteer Service. The aim and initiative of the project is to make people more active in their local community.

The launch night on Thursday the 3rd November was a success, with many partners and other contributers to the community getting involved. This included the one and only Radio Verulam, the Police and the NHS.

The organisation will be co-ordinating events all over the St Albans District inclusive of workshops, tours around the council offices and will also be offering training. The training could assist in boosting your career or bettering the skills you could need for the workplace and all whilst contributing to your local community. Perhaps you could get involved with your local neighbourhood watch, school council or attend council meetings?

To find out more, whether you are an organisation or individual, head to:

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