Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Local Author Feature with Mark Clementson of the Verulam Writer's Society

Today we interviewed Mark Clementson, who is a member of the Verulam Writer's Circle.

The Verulam Writer's circle is St Albans based and has members ranging in both age and ability. The aim is to encourage each other's works through presentation and critique sessions. This occurs weekly and alternates between St Michael's church and is followed every other week with an informal session at the White Hart pub. Mark assured us that the critiquing isn't as scary as it sounds, but is reassuringly encouraging and aims to better each other's work. Honesty is the best policy after all, eh?

The VWC also have their annual conference approaching. With authors such as Toby Frost, Nick Cook, Leigh Russell and many other authors, the conference is looking to be action packed. There will also be the opportunity for networking, workshops and most importantly, lunch! The conference is £55 for the day and will be held on the 11th February at the University of Hertfordshire.

To find more details please head to the VWC's website at www.VWC.org.uk or follow them on twitter @getwriting2012.

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