Monday, 31 October 2011

Interior Design with Gwendoline Alderton

Today we were joined on the show by our interior designer, Gwendoline Alderton who was specialising this week in bathrooms. Gwendoline broke down her bathroom management into easy categories that defines a bathroom. Her belief in "Design is in the Detail" defines how to throw together a bathroom successfully.

To begin with, Gwendoline explained how function needs to take place before form. So consider how much space, storage, how many sinks or baths you may require and what the needs are for those in the house such as if they're disabled or young children for example. Those who are disabled may prefer walk in units to high top baths, shower curtains to doors or seats in showers and easy-to-use taps.

Secondly, take into consideration the style you'd like your bathroom to take have. The style will dictate the content of your bathroom. For example, would you like a modern or traditional bathroom? If traditional you may want to consider a roll top bath or a free standing bath and a lick of paint as opposed to tiles. A modern bathroom on the other hand may require more floating units, carcass frame units or walk in units.

Finally, use luxurious items to help decide where and how you would like to set up your bathroom. Why not consider having the bath positioned in the middle of the bathroom to fully utilise space? Another pointer to ensure that the bathroom oozes luxury could be lighting. Head onto the web to research 'Lighting Zones' for your bathroom and always, always make sure that the lights you do use are waterproof and are fully sealed lights. Twin this expert lighting with tactfully placed mirrors to show off and enhance your bathroom. For finishing touches, include artwork (make sure it's waterproof!), bath bubbles, salts and perhaps the odd magazine to pass time and help you relax.

For more information about interior design, check out Gwendoline's website

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