Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday Recipe Spot – Faff-Free Cooking with Jackie Johnson

Tuesday Recipe Spot – Faff-Free Cooking with Jackie Johnson

My motto has always been 'Never trust a skinny cook!' I do like to share recipes that I know work for me. They are not necessarily of my invention – but I will always give you the origin and maybe the story behind them! These recipes are relatively easy to make – hence the title, Faff-Free Cooking. I have given quantities in ounces as well for those of you who still like to know stuff 'in old money!'

So today's treat is …. Shortbread – topped with flaked almonds if you like!

Ingredients – makes about 20 biscuits

225g/8oz butter (has to be butter!)

125g/4oz golden caster sugar

325g/12oz plain white flour

1tsp vanilla extract

30g/1oz flaked almonds (you can omit if you want plain shortbread)


1, Work the butter until soft in the mixing bowl.

2, Mix in the sugar until creaming but don’t over beat the mixture. Mix in the vanilla extract.

3. Mix in the flour with a wooden spoon. The mixture should be firm and look like damp breadcrumbs. Form lightly with your hands so the dough is smooth and free from cracks but don’t over handle it or it will become oily.

4, Lay out flat a length of cling firm on your work surface and sprinkle lightly with caster sugar. Gently roll the dough into a fat sausage shape about 2 inches in diameter and wrap tightly in the cling firm and place in the fridge for just under an hour to firm up.

5, Then using a sharp knife, cut slices about ½ inch in thickness and place on baking trays. If you want to top the biscuits with flaked almonds now is the time to gently place a few on each biccy.

6, Bake at gas2/300F/150C for about 30 mins until golden. Do not over bake.

7, When cooked, remove from the oven, sprinkle with caster sugar and leave on the trays to firm up. Then slide on to a wire rack to cool.

Then get the kettle on!

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