Thursday, 8 September 2011

David Courtney interview

British born David Courtney is a renowned composer, record producer and recording artist who has worked with some of the music industries legendary names including Roger Daltrey David Gilmour - Jimmy Page - Eric Clapton - Sir Paul McCartney Ritchie Blackmore, Adam Faith - Gene Pitney - Blues Brother guitarist Steve Cropper to name but a few. David Courtney was also the man responsible for discovering international recording artist Leo Sayer and co wrote many of his top selling hits.

David Courtney’s life would have ended at the age of 10 had his father not rescued him from an abandoned refrigerator. David went on to enjoy a successful lifetime in the music industry as a composer and record producer and in; ’The Truth Behind The Music’ he gives a unique insight into the music business working with some of its biggest names in rock during the past 45 years, over 30 million records sold around the world, his marriages, personal tragedies including the mysterious and controversial death of his former actress wife in her native Venezuela and ensuing meetings in London with the Venezuelan Ambassador. In the book David recounts a menacing confrontation with the bosses of a major US record company over deliberately abandoning the promotion of the Roger Daltrey album in fear that it’s success would inspire Roger to leave The Who, his conflict with convicted multi-millionaire fraudster Roger Levitt over the multi million dollar deal he brokered with Home Box Office for his prize fighter Lennox Lewis and his long time friendship with Roger Daltrey and the late 60’s pop icon and actor Adam Faith

‘The Truth Behind The Music’ is written & narrated by David Courtney mixed together with a wealth of his musical works including original demo recordings and the many hit records with Leo Sayer, Roger Daltrey, Dollar, Odyssey and more, an altogether highly colourful life and an extraordinary journey.

‘The Truth Behind The Music’ is available as a digital download from all leading online stores and at

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