Monday, 22 August 2011

WHD Regular Business Feature - With Roma Bhowmick

Today on WHD we welcomed Roma Bhowmick from Business Link East and today's feature was slightly different as Roma did a business question and answer session!

Questions were emailed in from our listeners and are as follows.....

Q1 I have my own business and it has been going for six months but things have really slowed up. Should I be worried about my marketing?
Roma says - Don't panic! marketing can take a good six months or so to have an impact. Constantly analyse responses and your business plan, to help you stay on track. Also slow decision making from clients will have an impact.

Q2, I need help with a Marketing Plan- who can I talk to?
Roma says - see the Business Link website on for all info on how to set up a Marketing Plan or call 08457 171615 to speak to an advisor.

Q3, Web based and e-marketing - where to start?
Roma says - If you are based in the east of England, Business Link can put you in touch with other companies who use Business Link East to network with and 'share notes' on web based and e-marketing.

Q4, I have taken over a business - a garage - who do I contact with regards to health & safety?
Roma Says - contact the Health & Safety Directive on

Q5, I am looking for some funding for my business and have heard of 'angel investors' - a bit like Dragons Den.
Roma says - You can google this type of funding or contact Business Link East on or call 08457 171615 to speak to an advisor.

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